King Bhumibol gives his birthday speech, flanked by his wife and children

The Tragedy of King Bhumibol

“The Tragedy of King Bhumibol” is offline for a major revision and update. It will return soon!


  1. Emilio Esteban says:

    A master piece. Thank you Andrew.

  2. Robert says:

    All that reading and the book only got a two word review (“staggeringly awful”)……dont keep us waiting too long for part 2. At least it has some new pics. Will have to pick up a copy in BKK in a couple of weeks – just out of curiosity!

    Interested in any thoughts you have on how the FCCT appears to have given its blessing to the book – by participating on the board (an ex Chairperson of teh FCCT??) and in hosting the initial press briefing? And that seems to have been used as a seal of credibility?

  3. “We Love The King” is the least courageous show of loyalty a Thai can make and yet it pushes to the forefront the impending crisis question. What does loving the King prove when the King is no longer with us.

    You’ve taken one of the few courageous journalistic positions this century on this matter. Many of us know it’s because of love. Love for the people and the country.

  4. Piotr says:

    Excellent read! Please, continue ASAP

  5. Richard says:

    It’s a great shame that the vast majority of English speaking Thais, Thaivisa forum readers and expatriate residents will not be able to read this, or will just ignore it as they so often do with anything slightly critical of Thailand and its Royals.

    • Jon Wright says:

      For the folks hanging out on the Thaivisa forum, to ‘read’ means to scroll though three screen-fulls of nested comments and replies just to read a one-line pithy remark adorned with several silly icons, two being the obligatory guy lying on the ground and the guy firing a machine gun, right?

  6. magnacarta says:

    Thank so much ,I will email this to a lot of friend.

  7. Robert says:

    Good – woke up to find chapter 2 is online… i am even more surprised that there are some respected writers that have not distanced themselves from the project….

  8. hrk says:

    Concerning the longest reigning kings, as referred on KBAALW‘s pages 47-48, one emperor is always obmitted. Emperor Franz-Josef I of Austria (and many other places). He was the husband of “Sissi”. His reign lasted from 1848 to 1916, which makes it 68 years. After his death Austria became finally a republic.

  9. tylor says:

    What’s the source for “In 2010 the education department asked nearly 50,000 high-school teachers to sit the same tests as their students in the subjects that they taught. The results were astonishing: the failure rate among teachers was 88 percent for computer studies, 84 percent for mathematics, 86 percent for biology and 71 percent for physics. Worse still, 37,414 school directors — the most senior staff — were tested on administrative knowledge, leadership, English language, and information and communications technology. The failure rate was 95 percent.”?

    • zenjournalist says:

      Tylor, multiple sources, here is an AFP story from June 2010:

      Most Thai teachers fail in their own subjects
      BANGKOK (AFP) — High school test results in Thailand have revealed a failure rate of more than 80 percent in mathematics, biology and computer studies — among the teachers.

      The failure rates for teachers who took exams in their own subjects were about 88 percent for computer studies, 84 percent for mathematics, 86 percent in biology and 71 percent in physics, the education ministry said.

      And almost 95 percent of about 37,500 secondary school directors did not score a pass mark in English and technology, according to the ministry.

      The poor results have ignited controversy in Thailand about educational standards.

      “Even teachers fail, so how can we raise the quality of students?” Education Minister Chinnaworn Boonyakiat was quoted as saying by the Bangkok Post newspaper.

      More than 84,000 teachers and school directors took the exams, the first of their kind.

  10. Chinese King says:

    Every Thai people should stand up to rebuild their dignity after being tortured by external domination, soon it will happen

  11. lek says:

    i have always suspected Ampon Tangnoppakul was set up. He has no motive, there is no way he would know the government minister’s phone number. Now who could do something like that? Someone with the knowledge of telecommunications. Someone in the Shin Corp, perhpaps? Motive? discredit the royals.

    anyway, if thaksin replaces the royals it will be worse. that is healthy for deomcracy? unless your version of democracy is singapore or north korea

  12. Jidze says:

    (Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, known as “Princess Angel”. As a 2009 U.S. cable observed:)
    Princess Angel is the translate word from “Pra Tep” which word “Tep” came from the first word of her long official name.

  13. P Pet says:

    it’s Thailand’s godsend time-bomb

  14. N' red says:

    WOW! You are the BOMB!

    I’m Thai, and I always got told about this story, but we cannot never reveal the truth ! I’m so scared of getting thrown to a crocodile pond !!!! But I’m still reading your article. But at least I don’t try to close my eyes anymore!

    I bet 99% of Thai People still have no idea…God bless us! (hopefully I don’t get into trouble of contributing this comment)