Wochenblatt, December 9, 2009

Thai crown prince at German funfair, 2009


Another article for those who follow sightings of Thai royals around the world with interest. In September 2009, Thai Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn visited a fairground near Munich, where he lives for most of the time to get medical treatment for an unspecified medical condition. He was accompanied by a female companion as well as a few bodyguards.

Wochenblatt, a local newspaper, wrote about the visit:

An English translation follows:

Thailand’s crown prince at the fairground

The prince spends a few nice hours in Freising

Quite inconspicuously, the man strolled the Freising funfair on Saturday afternoon in jeans and a T-shirt. Surrounded by a few bodyguards, he walked around the fairground. What nobody guessed was that the man’s name is Maha Vajiralongkorn and that he is crown prince of Thailand. His royal title in Thailand is Phra Ratchaphithi Somphot Duan Lae Khuen Phra U [sic]. Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn underwent military training and studies and holds currently the ranks of General of the Royal Thai Army, Admiral of the Royal Thai Navy and Air Chief Marshal of the Royal Thai Air Force.

Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongjorn was born in Dusit Palace, Bangkok on June 28, 1952  and is the second child of King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit. In 1972 he was appointed crown prince and heir to the throne.


  1. cdc says:

    “Phra Ratchaphithi Somphot Duan Lae Khuen Phra U” isn’t his royal title name, it was the ceremony that celebrated his then one-month old baby son.

  2. P Pet says:

    His correct full Thai name is “Somdej Praboroma Orasadhiraj Chaofa Vajiralongkorn Siam Makut Raja Kumara “